I’m Sick of Seeing the Same Shit Every Year


You want to know why I don’t blog about basketball that much? Do you want to know why I blog more about random baseball games than I do about the NBA Playoffs? It’s because it’s just not worth writing about. It’s the same shit every year, it seems. There is a MAJOR parity issue in the NBA.

The Cavaliers have won the Eastern Conference for the 4th consecutive year and it’s the 8th consecutive year that the East’s representative in the Finals is led by LeBron James. Now, that’s not to say I’m salty against LeBron or saying that he should stop winning so damn much. He’s the greatest player on the planet and perhaps of all time, especially considering he’s taken this dumpster fire of a Cavs team this far (I still think his taking the 2006-07 Cavs to the Finals was more impressive. LeBron really was by himself that year. At least this year he has Kevin Love, who people often forget is a good player).

This also may come off as sour grapes considering I’m writing this shortly after my Celtics lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m well aware of that. But believe me, I blame the Celtics for that loss. They shot 29-85 (34.1%) from the field and 7-39 (17.9%) from 3. You’re just not going to win when you shoot that poorly. Defensively, they did their job. They just couldn’t get their shots to fall.

But there is literally no parity in the NBA and it’s making it hard to care about the league. Now yes, the Warriors still have to beat the Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals tonight, but come on, who really expects the Rockets to win this game, especially without Chris Paul and with James Harden in this weird stretch of shooting? I may come back to eat those words, but whatever. That would make it 4 straight years of the same matchup in the NBA Finals. FOUR!!! It’s never happened in baseball (there has never been more than 2 consecutive identical World Series matchups), it’s never happened in the NFL (they have only repeated Super Bowl matchups once: Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII where the Cowboys beat the Bills on both occasions), just now in the NBA. It never even happened in the NHL, either, and there was a time when there were just 6 fucking teams!

The NBA seems to have this issue of super teams that also plagues the United States, where most of the league’s talent is held by the top 1% of teams. But basketball seems to be the sport that is easiest for one player to take over a game. LeBron James is so good that he could probably lead this year’s Suns team to the Finals while the Golden State Warriors have the “Death Lineup” (I refuse to call them the “Hampton Five” because that’s just so much less cooler than “Death Lineup”) that is so good that head coach Steve Kerr literally took a game off, let the players do whatever they wanted, and still won by 40. The fact that a team like the Warriors can boast 4 superstar players and still somehow not face any sort of salary cap restrictions is just bonkers.

Am I saying the Warriors and Cavaliers should tone it down and let other teams catch up? Absolutely not. This is more that the other 28 teams need to step their game up because the NBA is just getting unwatchable to me. I can’t just keep watching the same NBA Finals over and over again. I can already tell you how this year’s series is going to go, too. The Warriors will win in 5 and will absolutely dominate a couple of them. LeBron will be so good in one of the games (let’s say…Game 3) that he practically wins it all by himself. However despite the fact that Steph Curry isn’t 100%, the Warriors are still able to lean on Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green to take over the game and fluster the Cavs’ cast of benchwarmers to the point where LeBron actually breaks down in tears in frustration. Book it.

So what do I suggest the league do about such a thing? Well I don’t know if there’s anything they really CAN do. The Warriors drafted Curry, Thompson, and Green and the success of those three allowed them to land Durant in free agency. What are you going to do, encourage teams NOT to draft quality players when they already have some? Quite frankly, the only way I see any real change happening is if LeBron left the Cavaliers this offseason and joined a Western Conference team. That way it will become a legitimate mystery as to who will come out of the East and it won’t be an absolute cakewalk getting to the NBA Finals for the Warriors.

But something has to change in order to renew my interest in this league because quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

I apologize if I come off as testy. The Celtics’ crap shooting can do that to a man. I was actually in a really good mood before I turned that game on because I just got done watching Solo and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the dumpster fire I was expecting it to be and I actually had fun watching it. Also, the cameo at the end has me very intrigued about the Star Wars Anthology films going forward. I’d go into more detail but this is a sports blog and Star Wars is for NERDS, not us jocks. Oh well. Am I overreacting to the NBA’s parity issue? Or is this a legitimate concern? Let me know what you think in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.

General Sports: January 24

NBA All Star Teams Announced

<> at Pepsi Center on January 22, 2018 in Denver, Colorado.

So the NBA announced who will be playing in the all star game in Los Angeles. The players that will compete are LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, DeMar DeRozan, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, LaMarcus Aldridge, Bradley Beal, Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green, Al Horford, Damian Lillard, Kevin Love, Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo, Kristaps Porzingis, Klay Thompson, Karl Anthony-Towns, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook. I found it interesting how Oladipo made the team but Paul George didn’t, which is making Pacers’ GM Kevin Pritchard look pretty smart right now. I’m also very happy for Damian Lillard for making the team for the first time, though I could’ve done without his annual bitching about his getting snubbed. All in all I’d say they did a pretty good job with the rosters. Interesting how the game’s in LA but there aren’t any Lakers or Clippers being featured. Often times you’ll see them try and shoehorn a player to ignite some excitement in the home crowd, but the league will probably save that for the skills competition. Though I wouldn’t have objected to them sneaking DeAndre Jordan onto the team over someone like Al Horford or Kevin Love, which pains me to say because Horford’s on my Celtics and I still believe in Love.

Milwaukee Brewers Are a Team to Keep an Eye on for the Next Few Days


I say this mainly because there are a boatload of rumors surrounding the Brewers and what kinds of moves they’re open to, yet there is one player that has been linked to these discussions that I’m particularly interested in, that being free agent pitcher Yu Darvish. The Brewers have reportedly made a 5-year offer to the former Rangers and Dodgers pitcher who would immediately become the ace of their staff (Jimmy Nelson has earned that nod after his stellar 2017, but come on, it’s Yu Darvish. You’re not going to shell out the kind of money he’s going to command to have him be the #2). I also heard rumblings that the Brewers were looking to trade an outfielder for an impact bat. Immediately when that was said I thought of 2011 MVP Ryan Braun because I’ve seen several articles suggesting Milwaukee should trade him. There is some young talent in the Brewers outfield so it could also be one of them in order to acquire a bigger impact bat. Domingo Santana, Keon Broxton, Hernan Perez, prospects Lewis Brinson and Brett Phillips could also be on the move as Milwaukee looks to build on an 86-76 season where they missed out on the Wild Card Game by 1 game. I’ve also seen that they’ve made an offer to the Marlins for disgruntled outfielder Christian Yelich. So perhaps some of these outfielders will be involved in that potential trade.

Josh Allen is Saying Things


So last time I did this type of blog I ripped Mel Kiper Jr for making Josh Allen his #1 pick in his first mock draft. Well just a few days later, Allen conducted a few interviews at the Senior Bowl where he stated that he “sleeps with a football” and devotes all his free time to playing football, which includes playing Madden. He has also said that it would be “special” to “be the guy” for the Browns, making his case for number 1 pick. As you may have read, Sam Darnold allegedly made a statement that he would return to school if the Browns had the top pick, a statement he has since denied and further enforced his denial by entering the Draft despite the Browns owning the first and fourth picks. Josh Rosen, on the other hand, has blatantly stated he does not want to play for the Browns, saying he’d rather fall in the Draft than go to the wrong team. So I guess some pros for the Browns considering Allen: he actually wants to be there. It’d be super risky for the Browns to take a Wyoming quarterback, where the competition is pretty low and didn’t even put up that great of numbers. And as for the “sleeping with a football” line, I’m sure it’s an exaggeration. If not, then damn dude, don’t know how that helps your game but whatever floats your boat. Also, that photoshoot that I included a picture from above. Uncle Rico must be salivating.

Patriots Will Wear Their White Uniforms In Super Bowl LII


The AFC and NFC alternate on who is the “home team” in the game and therefore gets to choose their jerseys. This year, it’s the AFC’s turn and the Patriots are going to go with their white uniforms. Now before you say “Jim, you’ve lost your goddamn mind blogging about this, in what way is this important,” I present to you this stat: Since 2004, every Super Bowl winner with the exception of the Packers in Super Bowl XLV wore their white uniforms. Literally all of them (except the Packers). Plus the Patriots are undefeated in their whites in the Brady-Belichick era at 3-0 and are 2-2 in their blues. You may resume telling me that it doesn’t matter what uniforms the teams wear.

LeBron James Becomes Youngest Player to 30,000 Career Points

I would congratulate LeBron on his achieving this milestone, except for one thing. He already did that. For himself. Before the game in which he’d reach the milestone even happened. To clarify for those who don’t know, LeBron posted this on Instagram.

Wanna be one of the first to Congratulate you on this accomplishment/achievement tonight that you’ll reach! Only a handful has reach/seen it too and while I know it’s never been a goal of yours from the beginning try(please try) to take a moment for yourself on how you’ve done it! The House you’re about to be apart of has only 6 seats in it(as of now) but 1 more will be added and you should be very proud and honored to be invited inside. There’s so many people to thank who has help this even become possible(so thank them all) and when u finally get your moment(alone) to yourself smile, look up to the higher skies and say THANK YOU! So with that said, Congrats again Young King 🤴🏾! 1 Love! #striveforgreatness🚀 #thekidfromakron👑

A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Now granted, LeBron getting the 7 points he’d need was pretty much a foregone conclusion, especially since his opponent, the Spurs, are without defensive stud Kawhi Leonard, who undoubtedly would’ve drawn the assignment. 30K points is a fantastic achievement and LeBron has earned every bit of praise. But come on dude. Congratulating your past self on the accomplishment is pretty cheesy, even for LeBron. But making the post before the game even happens is downright disrespectful to Danny Green, who had to guard him. If it were anybody else, I would love this cocky move. But it’s LeBron, who is the poster child for the stereotypical primadonna NBA player that we get today, so he’s not getting a pass.

That’s going to do it for today’s blog. Let me know what you think of the topics I discussed in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10 and contribute to my Patreon.

General Sports: January 20

So I really have nothing to write about here. Like, actually nothing. No big moves, no big stories, no personal stories that come to mind. Nothing. So I’m going to try out a new kind of segment where I briefly talk about things that catch my eye in the sporting world, things that probably aren’t worthy of their own blog by themselves but something that I have some short thoughts on. So with that, let’s try this out.

I mentioned when Marcell Ozuna was traded to the Cardinals that St. Louis suddenly had a VERY overstocked outfield. Shortly after Ozuna was traded, the Cardinals sent Stephen Piscotty to the A’s. Well the outfield just got a lot cleaner as they traded Randall Grichuk to the Blue Jays for reliever Dominic Leone and minor leaguer Connor Greene. Grichuk has shown some flashes for the Cardinals but he hasn’t been able to take that next step to becoming the stud I think he can be. A trade to the Blue Jays could be the change of scenery he needs, especially considering he’s basically a lock to start in that outfield, as outside of Kevin Pillar there is basically no depth. Hell, they just signed Curtis Granderson off the streets, whom the Dodgers had traded for midseason then didn’t even bother putting him on the World Series roster. As for the Cardinals’ return for him, Dominic Leone is a solid reliever who I think has the potential to be an 8th inning guy for them. He has shown in the past that he is a very capable right-handed arm out of the ‘pen and I think this was a good exchange for a Cardinals team that sorely lacks bullpen strength. And I have no idea who Connor Greene is.

Mel Kiper Jr. released his first Mock Draft and there’s one major gripe I have with it, which if you read it, you know exactly what it is. He put Josh Allen as his number 1 overall pick to the Browns. It’s such a bad decision that I honestly think the Browns could end up doing it. I noted when I scouted the quarterbacks that I wouldn’t take Allen in the first round unless I had a support system around him that would allow him to develop in the time that he might require. The Browns are the exact opposite of that. They are about as dysfunctional an organization as you’ll find in all of sports and Allen will probably be thrown into the fire from day one, which given his need for growth as a quarterback is the worst possible situation for him. But I’ve seen stranger things happen and I’ve been wrong about this type of thing before. I figured Carson Wentz would need a couple years before he’d be ready to be the Eagles’ starter. Turns out he was the starter from Day 1 and an MVP candidate by Year 2. But still, at surface value, this looks like a really bad decision for the #1 overall pick.

Joel Embiid was named an All Star starter, which if you’ve heard the story by now, you know that means Rhianna has to date him. Well Embiid shut that down the only way he knows how, by being himself.

Good for you, man. Aim higher. You could probably land Beyonce if you wanted to. What’s Jay-Z going to do about it? I mean Embiid is the one guy on the planet who can not only get away with wearing his own jersey to the club, but have a video of him saying “Fuck LaVar Ball” go viral and nobody cares. He’s simply the best and I only want good things to happen to him.

The rest of the NBA All Star starters didn’t surprise me so I’m not going to go into too much detail about it. Except that I kind of feel bad for Damian Lillard. Here’s a guy who is amongst the best point guards in the game and he clearly wants to be an All Star so badly, he’s made that abundantly clear, but it’s kind of a logjam right now and everyone seemingly has their guys locked in from the very start of the season. He’ll get his nod someday.

I’m doing my best to be interested in college basketball right now, I really am. This Trae Young kid from Oklahoma looks like one of the biggest beasts I’ve ever seen at that level. But I’m so out of touch with it now that I feel like I wouldn’t be able to write anything that would do justice to anyone involved and I’d be rambling in ways that make me come off as some uninformed asshole trying to sound smart. Plus Purdue is really good this year and I hate that, especially considering Indiana’s rebuild is going a little slower than I had hoped. There have been some sparks, sure, like when they beat Notre Dame and Minnesota. But there have also been the duds like losing to both Indiana State and IPFW at home by at least 20 points each. There’s quite a ways to go.

JD Martinez has said he’s willing to wait until Spring Training to get the deal that he wants. Reportedly the Red Sox have the best offer at 5 years $100M. Allegedly the holdup is Martinez wants a 6th year. I get that Dave Dombrowski doesn’t want to bend to a player’s will, but the Red Sox were one of the worst offensive teams in baseball last season after being one of the best in 2016. They need Martinez and he knows it. I’d be fine with giving him that extra year. Besides, $20M a year for a guy that hit over .300 with 45 home runs seems like a major bargain. Plus, I feel that once Martinez signs, the rest of baseball will be getting their act together, as I feel the ex-Royals and the stud pitchers will start filing in once they see what he gets. So finally the offseason will have a pulse because we’re more than halfway through January and pretty much everybody is still available.

Those underdog masks Eagles players are wearing are terrifying.


It’s like looking into the eyes of Satan. Apparently Amazon can’t keep enough of them in stock because Eagles fans keep buying them out. Lincoln Financial Field is going to look pretty weird on Sunday night.

Last but not least, I saw that the Mets have invited Tim Tebow to their Major League Spring Training Camp. That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard from a personnel standpoint, but a genius financial move. Tebow has about as big a drawing power as any person in sports at any level so you know that more fans are going to pile in to see what Tebow can do. Which on a baseball diamond really isn’t much, but regardless, the Mets are going to make a little more profit out of Spring Training.

That’s it for this blog. Let me know what you think of these types of segments in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10 and contribute to my Patreon.

NBA Top 100 Players

This is the final entry in my NBA season preview series. You can check out my season projections here and my top 10 by position here. I’m going to suck it up and do the top 100 all on one list this time around. The rules are simple: be good at basketball. Also don’t be a rookie. Like my top 10’s, rookies are ineligible for this list because they have yet to prove that they can make it in this league. So without further ado, let’s get to the list.

100.Iman Shumpert-SG-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Sporting News

99.Michael Kidd-Gilchrist-SF-Charlotte Hornets


photo credit: At the Hive

98.Chandler Parsons-SF-Memphis Grizzlies


photo credit: ESPN

97.Ricky Rubio-PG-Utah Jazz


photo credit: SLC Dunk

96.Rudy Gay-SF-San Antonio Spurs


photo credit: NBA.com

95.Willy Hernangomez-C-New York Knicks


photo credit: Elite Sports NY

94.Eric Gordon-SG-Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns

photo credit: SLAMonline

93.Paul Millsap-PF-Denver Nuggets

Paul Millsap, Arturas Karnisovas, Josh Kroenke, Tim Connelly

photo credit: Denver Post

92.Kent Bazemore-SG-Atlanta Hawks


photo credit: Sports Illustrated

91.Marcus Smart-PG-Boston Celtics


photo credit: MassLive

90.Jaylen Brown-SG-Boston Celtics


photo credit: Sports Illustrated

89.Dwight Howard-C-Charlotte Hornets


photo credit: Clutch Points

88.Reggie Jackson-PG-Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks

photo credit: Sports Illustrated

87.Kyle Korver-SG-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Waiting for Next year


86.Tobias Harris-SF-Detroit Pistons


photo credit: Sports Illustrated

85.Jamal Crawford-SG-Minnesota Timberwolves


photo credit: Pioneer Press

84.Brook Lopez-C-Los Angeles Lakers


photo credit: NBA.com

83.Danny Green-SG-San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings

photo credit: Hoops Nation

82.Pau Gasol-C-San Antonio Spurs


photo credit: ESPN San Antonio

81.Eric Bledsoe-PG-Phoenix Suns


photo credit: ESPN

80.Rodney Hood-SG-Utah Jazz


photo credit: SLAM online

79.Joakim Noah-C-New York Knicks

image (1)

photo credit: Newsday

78.Nikola Vucevic-C-Orland Magic


photo credit: Sporting News

77.Enes Kanter-C-New York Knicks

image (2).jpg

photo credit: Newsday

76.Dion Waiters-SG-Miami Heat


photo credit: NBA.com

75.Jeff Teague-PG-Minnesota Timberwolves


photo credit: Pioneer Press

74.Danilo Gallinari-SF-Los Angeles Clippers


photo credit: Youtube

73.Ryan Anderson-PF-Houston Rockets


photo credit: Houston Chronicle

72.Tristan Thompson-C-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Business Insider

71.JR Smith-SG-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: SLAM online

70.Zaza Pachulia-C-Golden State Warriors


photo credit: Mashable

69.Wesley Matthews-SF-Dallas Mavericks

New York Knicks v Dallas Mavericks

photo credit: Mavs.com

68.Dwyane Wade-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Sports Illustrated

67.Jae Crowder-PF-Cleveland Cavaliers

maxresdefault (1)

photo credit: Youtube

66.Nikola Mirotic-PF-Chicago Bulls


photo credit: Chicago Tribune

65.Dirk Nowitzki-C-Dallas Mavericks

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks

photo credit: The Smoking Cuban

64.Shaun Livingston-PG-Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns

photo credit: Jim Rome

63.Thaddeus Young-PF-Indiana Pacers


photo credit: NBA.com

62.Lou Williams-SG-Los Angeles Clippers

download (1)

photo credit: Clipperholics

61.Brandon Ingram-SF-Los Angeles Lakers


photo credit: Bleacher Report

60.Goran Dragic-PG-Miami Heat


photo credit: NBA.com

59.Malcolm Brogdon-PG-Milwaukee Bucks

malcolm brogdon dribble vs lebron

photo credit: NBA.com

58.Marcin Gortat-C-Washington Wizards


photo credit: Opencourt-Basketball

57.Derrick Favors-PF-Utah Jazz


photo credit: Clutch Points

56.Tony Parker-PG-San Antonio Spurs


photo credit: SLAM online

55.Manu Ginobili-SG-San Antonio Spurs


photo credit: The Classical


54.Steven Adams-C-Oklahoma City Thunder

Steven Adams

photo credit: The Coconet

53.Patrick Beverley-PG-Los Angeles Clippers

LA Clippers Introduce New Players during Portrait Shoot

photo credit: Hoops Hype

52.Harrison Barnes-PF-Dallas Mavericks


photo credit: Mavs Moneyball

51.Devin Booker-SG-Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat

photo credit: SLAM online

50.Robert Covington-SF-Philadelphia 76ers

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

photo credit: CSN Philadelphia

49.Julius Randle-PF-Los Angeles Lakers

Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers

photo credit: Real Ball Insiders

48.Jonas Valanciunas-C-Toronto Raptors


photo credit: SportsNet

47.Nicolas Batum-SG-Charlotte Hornets


photo credit: ESPN

46.Myles Turner-C-Indiana Pacers


photo credit: Clutch Points

45.Victor Oladipo-SG-Indiana Pacers


photo credit: Inside the Hall

44.Serge Ibaka-PF-Toronto Raptors


photo credit: CBC

43.Andre Drummond-C-Detroit Pistons


photo credit: VICE Sports

42.Al Horford-C-Boston Celtics

Al Horford

photo credit: Boston Sports Tonight

41.Otto Porter-SF-Washington Wizards


photo credit: Bullets Forever

40.Mike Conley-PG-Memphis Grizzlies


photo credit: Def Pen

39.Marc Gasol-C-Memphis Grizzlies


photo credit: ESPN

38.Avery Bradley-SG-Detroit Pistons

Avery Bradley of the Detroit Pistons Portraits

photo credit: Hoops Hype

37.Carmelo Anthony-PF-Oklahoma City Thunder


photo credit: Sporting News

36.Andre Iguodala-SF-Golden State Warriors


photo credit: Sporting News

35.Kemba Walker-PG-Charlotte Hornets


photo credit: Sports Illustrated

34.Nikola Jokic-C-Denver Nuggets


photo credit: BSN Denver

33.LaMarcus Aldridge-PF-San Antonio Spurs


photo credit: Pounding the Rock

32.Joel Embiid-C-Philadelphia 76ers


photo credit: Philly.com

31.DeMarcus Cousins-C-New Orleans Pelicans


photo credit: NOLA.com

30.Khris Middleton-SF-Milwaukee Bucks


photo credit: Sports Illustrated

29.Kevin Love-C-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Sporting News

28.CJ McCollum-SG-Portland Trail Blazers


photo credit: Blazers Edge

27.Kyle Lowry-PG-Toronto Raptors

download (1)

photo credit: Sports Illustrated

26.Andrew Wiggins-SG-Minnesota Timberwolves


photo credit: SB Nation

25.Chris Paul-PG-Houston Rockets


photo credit: Sporting News

24.Bradley Beal-SG-Washington Wizards


photo credit: ESPN

23.Gordon Hayward-SF-Boston Celtics


photo credit: Sporting News

22.Blake Griffin-PF-Los Angeles Clippers


photo credit: LA Times

21.Hassan Whiteside-C-Miami Heat

i (1)

photo credit: ESPN

20.DeMar DeRozan-SG-Toronto Raptors


photo credit: Toronto Star

19.DeAndre Jordan-C-Los Angeles Clippers

i (2)

photo credit: ESPN

18.Jimmy Butler-SF-Minnesota Timberwolves


photo credit: USA Today

17.Kristaps Porzingis-PF-New York Knicks


photo credit: New York Post

16.Damian Lillard-PG-Portland Trail Blazers


photo credit: ESPN

15.Rudy Gobert-C-Utah Jazz

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Three

photo credit: Hoops Hype

14.Isaiah Thomas-PG-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Cavs Nation

13.Paul George-SF-Oklahoma City Thunder


photo credit: SLAM online

12.Draymond Green-PF-Golden State Warriors


photo credit: SB Nation

11.John Wall-PG-Washington Wizards

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards - Game Five

photo credit: The Undefeated

10.Klay Thompson-SG-Golden State Warriors

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors

photo credit: USA Today

9.Giannis Antetokounmpo-PF-Milwaukee Bucks

Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Six

photo credit: Hoops Hype

8.Kyrie Irving-PG-Boston Celtics


photo credit: theScore.com

7.Karl-Anthony Towns-C-Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves v Atlanta Hawks

photo credit: The Cheat Sheet

6.Anthony Davis-PF-New Orleans Pelicans

Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans

photo credit: The Cheat Sheet

5.Kevin Durant-SF-Golden State Warriors


photo credit: SB Nation

4.Kawhi Leonard-SF-San Antonio Spurs

i (3)

photo credit: ESPN

3.Stephen Curry-PG-Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

photo credit: Hoops Hype

2.Russell Westbrook-PG-Oklahoma City Thunder


photo credit: Youtube

1.LeBron James-SF-Cleveland Cavaliers


photo credit: Footwear News

Those are my top 100 players for the 2017 NBA season. I’ll revisit these rankings at some point after the season is over. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.