NFL Picks: Week 13

Last Week: 12-4                 Season Record: 91-54

So this is going to be a bit different than my usual NFL picks blogs. I’m going to try and keep it a little shorter because I’m writing this at 2 in the morning coming back from the Big Ten Championship Game, won by the Ohio State Buckeyes 27-21. I couldn’t write it earlier in the day because I also cover the Indiana Wrestling team for a school TV station (IUSTV Sports) and Indiana had 3 consecutive duals that I had to be in attendance for and by the time I got out, it was time for me to get to a shuttle. What I’m trying to say is I’m running on fumes right now. And I’m a little pouty because I just had to drop over $200 for an Uber from Indianapolis to Bloomington because they jack up the rates when there’s a big event happening, which I guess is understandable. The driver was pleasant enough. I’m also going to kind of combine my Playoff picks in this because those are being released on Sunday Night rather than the usual Tuesday Night, them being the final ones of the year. I also wanted to mention, I freaking NAILED my conference championship picks. I went 8-0. I kind of feel dirty saying I finally got a perfect week since I did 4 fewer games than usual, so I’m just going to put an asterisk next to that. Sound good? Well, I don’t care, it’s my blog. Also, I picked the Redskins to beat the Cowboys on Thursday. That went VERY poorly, though not as bad as that time I picked the Dolphins to beat the Ravens on a Thursday Nighter and the Ravens ended up winning 40-0. That was fun. So with that, let’s get into the blog.

College Playoff Rankings:

1.Oklahoma Sooners

2.Clemson Tigers

3.Georgia Bulldogs

4.Alabama Crimson Tide

Just Missed:

Ohio State Buckeyes

Wisconsin Badgers

It hurt not including a Big Ten team in this but you just can’t at this point. Had Wisconsin won the Big Ten Title they would absolutely be in, but alas, that schedule. I’m predicting the committee swaps Clemson and Oklahoma on me and we may get a third straight year of Clemson-Alabama in the Playoff, though it could happen a week sooner than usual. And yes, I have Alabama getting in even though they didn’t win their conference. Let’s face it, I would take a 1-loss Alabama (that one loss being a Top-10 Auburn team) over Big Ten champ and 2-loss (including one by 31 points) Ohio State every time. It’s just the way things are. On to the NFL picks.

Minnesota Vikings (9-2) vs Atlanta Falcons (7-4)

Like I mentioned in the intro, I’m not going to go that long on these just simply because of the hour I’m writing them, my brain just isn’t functioning the way it needs to. But if you read my picks blogs enough I’m sure you can get a sense of how I feel about each team considering I feel like I can get a bit repetitive at times. I’m taking the Vikings in this one. I know Julio Jones is coming off that monster 250-yard game against the Buccaneers, but that’s the Buccaneers. Xavier Rhodes is far better than anyone the Bucs have to offer to cover Julio. Rhodes won’t shut him down, but he definitely won’t let up 250 yards. I expect that to be enough for an efficient Vikings team to get the job done.


Projected Score: Vikings 28 Falcons 20

Detroit Lions (6-5) vs Baltimore Ravens (6-5)

I’m going to pick the Lions here. Joe Flacco is just too inconsistent for me to trust and this Lions defense can be pretty potent at times. I do think it will be a low-scoring game because Baltimore’s defense is firing on all cylinders right now, but I trust Stafford more than I do Flacco.

Projected Score: Lions 21 Ravens 13

New England Patriots (9-2) vs Buffalo Bills (6-5)

It’s 2 am. I’m not going into any depth on what’s essentially been a lock every year since Brady took over for Bledsoe.

Projected Score: Patriots 35 Bills 14

San Francisco 49ers (1-10) vs Chicago Bears (3-8)

This is just a cavalcade of shit right here. Though it will be interesting for the sheer fact it’s two young and inexperienced quarterbacks with bright futures going head-to-head. Jimmy Garoppolo is making his starting debut for the 49ers against Mitchell Trubisky, who appears to be the future of the Chicago Bears. Having seen what Jimmy G can do, I’m going to go with the 49ers in this one.

Projected Score: 49ers 27 Bears 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) vs Green Bay Packers (5-6)

I really don’t know what to expect with either team, they’ve just been so maddeningly inconsistent. Jameis is back, though I don’t know if that can save this season. Plus he’s in some pretty hot water for allegedly groping a female Uber driver. We’ll have to wait and see what comes of that. For the Packers, Aaron Rodgers is practicing again just 5 weeks after breaking his collarbone. It’s still going to be Brett Hundley in this game, who admittedly played pretty well on Sunday night against the Steelers. This is a tough game to call so I think I’m going to give the edge to the Buccaneers just simply because they’re getting their starting quarterback back.


Projected Score: Buccaneers 24 Packers 21

Indianapolis Colts (3-8) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4)

I just don’t get it with the Jaguars sometimes. One minute they look like world eaters and the next they lose to the Cardinals. I don’t know, man. I just don’t. But if you lose to the Colts, you have some serious effing problems. The only teams the Colts have beaten are the winless Browns, the 1-10 49ers, and Tom Savage’s first start back with the Texans. Jags fans, you’re going to be fine.

Projected Score: Jaguars 38 Colts 13

Denver Broncos (3-8) vs Miami Dolphins (4-7)

Welp, Paxton Lynch is out with a bum ankle. Back to Trevor Siemian! My God this Broncos quarterback situation is a train wreck. They just can’t seem to catch a break. The rest of this roster is far more talented than 3-8 so if I’m the Broncos, I play for next year and try and tank to land either Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. Those dudes are the real deal. The Dolphins do just enough to prove to people they still have a pulse. Cutler is back this week and I think he’ll lead the Dolphins to an underwhelming victory.

Projected Score: Dolphins 21 Broncos 17

Kansas City Chiefs (6-5) vs New York Jets (4-7)

Remember when the Chiefs were cream of the crop in the NFL? Pepperidge Farms remembers (wait…I think…yep, we did it, folks, that’s the billionth time somebody referenced that Family Guy meme! Congratulations!). But in all serious, here’s a pretty interesting video that showcases some of the flaws the Chiefs have that were exposed by the Dallas Cowboys. It basically gameplans what the Jets are going to do to win this game.

Projected Score: Jets 28 Chiefs 20

Houston Texans (4-7) vs Tennessee Titans (7-4)

Is there a less impressive 7-4 team than the Titans right now? I don’t mean just this season, I mean ever. I really don’t know how they’ve gotten this far. And they’re probably going to make it to 8 wins because they’re facing perhaps the most injury-riddled team in the NFL in the Houston Texans. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Projected Score: Titans 19 Texans 10

Cleveland Browns (0-11) vs Los Angeles Chargers (5-6)

This was the one game the Browns won last season but I don’t see history repeating itself here. The Chargers, despite their record, are one of the hottest teams in football right now. Last year when these two squared off, the Chargers were basically in “meh” mode. Right now they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs the way the Chiefs are spiraling out of control right now. Imagine a home playoff game in that empty soccer stadium. It’s so awful it just has to happen.

Projected Score: Chargers 27 Browns 14

Carolina Panthers (8-3) vs New Orleans Saints (8-3)

The winner of this game is in the drivers’ seat in the NFC South. It’s easily the most important game going on this week. The Saints smacked the Panthers around the last time these two teams met but a Carolina win here would put them at an advantage in case of tie breakers. But I think the Saints will win this. Yeah, they lost last week to a good Rams team, but the Saints are still one of the hottest teams in football and I think they bounce back here.


Projected Score: Saints 35 Panthers 31

Los Angeles Rams (8-3) vs Arizona Cardinals (5-6)

Sean McVay proved he belonged last week after beating Sean Payton’s Saints. It was their first win over a really legitimate team and it was done so in impressive fashion. As for the Cardinals, I really have no idea what to make of this team but they feel a lot worse than 5-6. Which is a shame, too, because there is still a lot of talent on this roster even with the injuries to David Johnson and Carson Palmer. They beat the Jaguars last week, but the Rams are far more consistent than the Jags and I expect them to be fine here.

Projected Score: Rams 34 Cardinals 17

New York Giants (2-9) vs Oakland Raiders (5-6)

The Giants are awful and they’re benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith in this game. I don’t need to explain myself further, do I? The Raiders have new motivation now that the Chiefs suddenly suck and they have a legitimate shot at the division again. Motivation is a pretty big factor in winning football games.

Projected Score: Raiders 31 Giants 14

Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) vs Seattle Seahawks (7-4)

This game’s going to be awesome, I just know it. Seattle always seems to put on a show one way or another in prime time, no matter the injury situation (and it is steep). For the Eagles, Alshon Jeffery just got a $52M contract extension, so I’m expecting an extra spring in his step. I’m going to give the edge to the Eagles to run their winning streak up to 10 games. While Seattle has proven they are capable of overcoming injuries to Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor, I just think Philly is a different beast this year.

Projected Score: Eagles 28 Seahawks 24

Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2) vs Cincinnati Bengals (5-6)

The Steelers are starting to run away with this division. Hell it’s feasible they could be 11-0 right now. Their first loss was a fluke against the Bears and their other was an anomaly where Big Ben threw 5 picks against the Jaguars. Antonio Brown has been unbelievable and Le’Veon Bell has been a workhorse while the defense has quietly been one of the better units in the NFL. Cincinnati just isn’t consistent enough to where that’s going to make a difference.

Projected Score: Steelers 35 Bengals 20

So those are my picks for this week. Sorry they aren’t as in depth as usual, but hey, maybe you guys like this more. Let me know what you think in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10 and contribute to my Patreon.

NFL Picks: Week 12

Last Week: 10-4                  Season Record: 79-50

For my Thanksgiving picks, which you can read here, I went 2-1, hitting on Vikings over Lions and Chargers over Cowboys, and missing on Redskins over Giants (those goddamn G-Men). The bye weeks are over so you can expect these picks segments to be a little longer again. So with that bit of housekeeping, let’s get to the picks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) vs Atlanta Falcons (6-4)

I really have no idea what to make of the Buccaneers. They somehow seem to be playing a little better without Jameis Winston, though the margin of difference is pretty small. Their victories over the Jets and Dolphins were pretty unimpressive, but I doubt they’re complaining. But defensively they’ve stepped up the last couple weeks and that’s thanks in large part to the improved health of linebackers Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David. They also luck into a Falcons team that will be without star runningback Devonta Freeman, however Atlanta has a pretty damn good secondary option in Tevin Coleman. This will be Coleman’s chance to showcase what he can do in a lead role, essentially an audition to become the main man when his contract expires after next season, or to become trade bait this offseason. I think he has a solid game and I’ve got the Falcons taking this one at home.


Tevin Coleman can turn this new opportunity with the Falcons into an opportunity to become “the guy” (photo credit:

Projected Score: Falcons 27 Buccaneers 20

Cleveland Browns (0-10) vs Cincinnati Bengals (4-6)

Josh Gordon is practicing again for the Browns but he won’t be eligible to return until next week against the Chargers, so if I’m a Browns fan, I’m keeping an eye on practice reports and how he’s looking. He could be a huge boost for this Browns offense that has absolutely nothing going for them. The defense isn’t terrible, which is why I think they will compete with the Bengals a little better than they did earlier in the season when Cincinnati won 31-7, but I don’t expect them to be much better. The Bengals have been a frustrating team offensively this season but one constant is that the defense has been playing well. I’ve got the Bengals dropping the Browns to 0-11.

Projected Score: Bengals 34 Browns 14

Tennessee Titans (6-4) vs Indianapolis Colts (3-7)

The Titans are coming off a Thursday Night drubbing at the hands of the Steelers. Marcus Mariota had one of his worst games as a pro, throwing four interceptions in the defeat. It gets easier this time around and he’s going to have significantly more time to prepare for the Colts than he did in the short week leading up to the Steelers. The Colts defense is very unimpressive but they played well against the Tom Savage-led Texans. That’s like saying I beat a folding chair in a game of basketball, but still, anytime you can hold an NFL offense to 14 points, you’ve done your job. Neither defense is particularly impressive overall, but I trust Mariota to bounce back this week and I think the Titans come away with the W.

Projected Score: Titans 28 Colts 21

Buffalo Bills (5-5) vs Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)

This is a battle of two teams that are as ice cold as they come. Buffalo has lost three in a row, each by double digits, and the Chiefs have lost 4 of their last 5, including losing to the lowly Giants in OT last week and making me look like a moron. So one of these teams will likely be ending their streak of suckitude, unless of course this game ends in the dreaded tie. God I hate ties. For Buffalo, the Nathan Peterman experiment could not have been more of a disaster. The rookie out of Pittsburgh threw 5 first half interceptions and got benched for the incumbent Tyrod Taylor in the second half. Why Taylor was benched in the first place is beyond me, it’s not like he was the reason the Bills were trending the wrong way, he’s been having a solid season. For that reason, I’m going with the Chiefs. There’s too much discord in Buffalo right now.

Projected Score: Chiefs 24 Bills 17

Miami Dolphins (4-6) vs New England Patriots (8-2)

Jay Cutler is out with a concussion for the Dolphins so Matt Moore will take his place, which has been pretty hit-or-miss in the past. Yes Moore has more familiarity with the Dolphins system, but he still lacks the talent that Cutler has (I see you sniggering over there. Stop it, I said Cutler is talented, not good, there’s a difference). But they won’t stand a chance against the Patriots regardless of who is at quarterback (unless they managed to make a Tom Brady clone). No matter how many injuries New England may have at any given time, and they have a bunch right now, they aways seem to find the guys to make it work. Lately it’s been guys like Rex Burkhead that have been Bill Belichick’s mismatch of the week. The Raiders didn’t have an answer for either Burkhead or Brandin Cooks or any other Patriots skill players. I’ve got New England.

Rex Burkhead

Rex Burkhead is the latest role player to explode onto the scene with the Patriots (photo credit: Boston Herald)

Projected Score: Patriots 38 Dolphins 21

Carolina Panthers (7-3) vs New York Jets (4-6)

Is it me, or does Carolina not “feel” as good as their record might indicate? The Titans fall into the same category as teams that don’t seem very impressive, yet are still in a good position in the standings. Carolina only trails superpower New Orleans by a game for the division lead, but that’s mainly due to their defense, which has been about as spectacular as it was when they made their run to an NFC championship in 2015. Carolina’s defense has held their opponents without an offensive touchdown in 4 of their 10 games this season, which is amazing if you think about it. They face a Jets team that is quite frankly a lot better than they should be. I would argue that this is the least talented roster in football yet they still find themselves hovering around .500. You have to respect the job head coach Todd Bowles has done this season given their lack of impact players, but I don’t think he’ll be enough to get the Jets past the Panthers this week.

Projected Score: Panthers 31 Jets 17

Chicago Bears (3-7) vs Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)

The Bears finally let Mitchell Trubisky loose in their last couple games, actually allowing him to throw the football. He’s been solid in his opportunity, definitely showing signs of promise. The Bears didn’t need to rely on him too heavily last week as Jordan Howard was having a monster game with 125 rushing yards on only 15 carries. Trubisky himself had a solid day running the football as well, as he ran for 53 on 6 carries. They’re going to struggle to find those same lanes against the Eagles, however. Jim Schwartz’s defense manhandled the Cowboys offense last week and if anything, it’ll be an easier time this week against the Bears. Carson Wentz has kept up his torrid pace and I don’t see this Bears defense slowing him down. I’ve got the Eagles.

Projected Score: Eagles 30 Bears 20

Seattle Seahawks (6-4) vs San Francisco 49ers (1-9)

The Seahawks made a good comeback attempt against the Falcons on Monday Night Football but came up just short (literally, Blair Walsh’s potential game-tying field goal didn’t quite reach the crossbar). It’s impressive they were able to keep it close without Kam Chancellor or Richard Sherman in the secondary, just goes to show how deep Seattle’s back four are. They were also able to hold Matt Ryan under 200 yards, which is something that can’t be taken lightly. CJ Beathard has been announced as the starting quarterback after the bye week following San Francisco’s first win of the season over the Giants, one that was much earned. I’ve said many times during this picks segment, the 49ers really aren’t that bad. Are they good? No, but they’re not 1-9 bad. Maybe 3-7. They had that stretch earlier in the season where they lost 5 straight games by 4 or fewer points, so I felt really good for them when they finally got on the board (which I predicted, thank you very much). But I don’t think they’ll be able to beat the Seahawks. Seattle showed last week that they can still compete defensively without two of their best guys and the 49ers don’t have the weapons on offense to prove otherwise.

Projected Score: Seahawks 27 49ers 7

New Orleans Saints (8-2) vs Los Angeles Rams (7-3)

Oh shit, Rams have back-to-back games against the elites of the NFC. This is where Sean McVay has to show he’s for real as a head coach. The Rams have been slaughtering some pretty bad teams this season and their best win of the year is over the Jaguars. Yes they are good, but they still are an inconsistent team. The Saints have been as good as any team in football, but defensively they may be vulnerable this week. Star rookie cornerback Marshon Lattimore and his battery mate Ken Crawley are both out this week so I expect the Rams to try and target Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods a little more frequently (bet Buffalo is really steaming watching these guys have success in LA). I’m still going to give the edge to the Saints, though I think this will be a lower scoring game. The backfield duo of Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara have been dynamite this season and despite how good the Rams have been on defense, I’m not so sure they can stop these guys.


Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are arguably the best 1-2 punch at runningback in football (photo credit: Fan Rag Sports)

Projected Score: Saints 20 Rams 16

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) vs Arizona Cardinals (4-6)

As I mentioned above, the Jaguars have been inconsistent this season, though I think they may have broken their string of good-bad-good-bad, as they’ve won 4 games in a row, mostly on the strength of their defense. They’ve allowed a grand total of 31 points in those 4 games, including a shutout of the Colts. The Cardinals are going to struggle mightily offensively, though I wouldn’t say they were abysmal last time out against the Texans. Sure they lost, but Blaine Gabbert seemed competent enough as the Cardinals quarterback. I think he’s going to struggle against his old team, though, and I have the Jaguars winning their fifth in a row and getting to win number 8 for the first time since 2010.

Projected Score: Jaguars 33 Cardinals 14

Denver Broncos (3-7) vs Oakland Raiders (4-6)

The Broncos are going to roll with Paxton Lynch from here on out, it seems. That’s a smart move, in my humblest of opinions. Your season is pretty much lost and you spent a first rounder on this kid, what have you got to lose? If he performs well, great. If he doesn’t, there’s a talented crop of quarterbacks entering the NFL in 2018. Like a few other teams I’ve talked about today, the Broncos really aren’t as bad as their record might indicate, but they’ve had so many problems at quarterback that it has held this team down and crippled them to the point of near disaster. They’re going to have problems with the Raiders, though. Yes, Oakland lost to New England 33-8, but Marshawn Lynch was getting a good push all game and Derek Carr wasn’t getting a ton of help from his receivers. Plus Belichick just straight up out-coached Jack Del Rio. I don’t think Vance Joseph can out-coach Del Rio the way the Hoodie did and I’m taking the Raiders.

Projected Score: Raiders 21 Broncos 10

Green Bay Packers (5-5) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2)

Just when I start to have a little bit of confidence in Brett Hundley, he goes and does that. The Packers were shut out by the Baltimore Ravens in Lambeau last week and Hundley was terrible. 21-36 for 239 yards (not that bad) with no touchdowns and 3 interceptions (very bad). Now yes, I understand the Ravens have a good defense and can fluster any good quarterback. But when you have guys on offense like Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, and Randall Cobb at your disposal, you should at least be able to score SOMETHING! That’s why I anticipate this game being a blowout. Unlike the Ravens, the Steelers have a ton of weapons on offense in Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and the emerging Juju Smith-Schuster. Hundley just can’t keep up with that.

Projected Score: Steelers 41 Packers 17

Houston Texans (4-6) vs Baltimore Ravens (5-5)

The Texans are coming off a victory over the Arizona Cardinals, the first this season for Tom Savage. Savage was actually pretty good in that game, too. 22-32 for 230 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 pick. The Ravens are a bit tougher defensively, as evidenced by their shutout of the Packers at Lambeau. Defensive coordinator Dean Peas’ group have allowed the third fewest points and the sixth fewest yards this season so I don’t anticipate a lot of offensive success for the Texans. Offensively, Danny Woodhead is making his way back and could create some mismatches for Joe Flacco to exploit. Houston is pretty depleted on defense but can still hold their own. Despite that, I’m taking the Ravens this week. They’re more of a safe bet.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

CJ Mosley and the Ravens defense have been very impressive this season (photo credit: USA Today)

Projected Score: Ravens 23 Texans 13

Those are my picks for this week. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.

NFL Picks: Week 11

Last Week: 11-3                  Season Record: 69-46

Damn, 69 wins again. Just like with college football last week, I may try and sabotage my picks segment for the NFL just so I can stay at 69 wins. However that won’t end up happening because I won the Thursday night bout between the Steelers and Titans in NBC’s experiment with sky cam cameras for most of the game. I thought it was okay, I prefer the traditional camera view mainly because I can see everything, sky cam cuts off my view of the receivers. However I did appreciate sky cam on running plays more. But with that, let’s get to the picks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) vs Miami Dolphins (4-5)

So this was the game that was supposed to happen in Week 1 but Hurricane Irma had other ideas. Personally, I liked Chris Long’s idea to move this game to a neutral site and donate the proceeds to relief efforts, but the NFL decided moving this game to the week where both teams have a bye would be a better idea, leaving these teams with having to play 16 straight weeks with no bye. Seems smart. The Buccaneers are coming off an odd week for them, beating the Jets on field goals, something that was a MAJOR issue for this team over the last couple years. Patrick Murray hit 5 through the uprights and it was enough to give the Bucs their first win since Week 4. The Dolphins’ spectacular defensive performance this season finally ran out of steam on Monday night against the Panthers. I think this will be a more defensive game, both teams’ normal starting quarterbacks are out and they’re pretty limited offensively as is. I’m going to give the edge to the Dolphins, I think they’re better suited to win a defensive game.

Projected Score: Dolphins 20 Buccaneers 13

Detroit Lions (5-4) vs Chicago Bears (3-6)

The Bears finally let Mitchell Trubisky loose last week against Green Bay and he looked solid. 21-35 with 297 yards and a touchdown. The problem was the Packers stacked the box to stop Jordan Howard and it worked, as Howard was limited to just 54 yards on 15 carries and Brett Hundley was able to have his best game as a pro, leading the Packers to victory. The Lions seem to be back on track, winning back-to-back games since falling below .500 a couple weeks ago. Matthew Stafford has been leading this team through thick and thin but this team goes where the defense is willing to take them. I think Detroit’s defense steps up and gets the job done.


Matthew Stafford has been up to his usual tricks this season (photo credit: Fan Rag Sports)

Projected Score: Lions 24 Bears 14

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3) vs Cleveland Browns (0-9)

I want to say the Jaguars broke their streak of good-bad-good-bad but they didn’t play too well in their victory against the Chargers. It just seemed like the Chargers wanted to win a little less, especially in that wildly unimpressive overtime period. By that logic, the Jaguars are slated to have a good performance and they face the perfect team to do so in the Cleveland Browns. Ahead of the game, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles gave some sound advice to Browns quarterback Deshone Kizer: “Try to throw it to your team as much as possible.” That’s good advice, Blake. The Browns offense has been abysmal this season and it’s going to be a looooooooooooooooong day against this explosive Jaguars defense.

Projected Score: Jaguars 35 Browns 10

Baltimore Ravens (4-5) vs Green Bay Packers (5-4)

This is a tough game to project because both teams have stout defenses but have had their struggles offensively. The Ravens are coming off their bye week following a narrow 23-20 defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Titans while the Packers won their first game under Brett Hundley on the strength of their defense. It’s going to come down to which offense can make a play because you can bet both teams’ defenses will be bringing a little something extra as they try and keep their playoff hopes alive. I’m going to pick the Packers this week. I think they’re riding a little more momentum right now and that can come in handy.


Brett Hundley has the unenviable task of trying to to match Aaron Rodgers’ production (photo credit: 247 Sports)

Projected Score: Packers 24 Ravens 20

Arizona Cardinals (4-5) vs Houston Texans (3-6)

Blaine Gabbert vs Tom Savage. A match made in heaven. The Cardinals are hovering around mediocrity and things don’t appear to be getting any better, however the Texans are in full tank mode with all the injuries to critical players they’ve had this season. If I’m Houston, I prepare for next year by having everyone get healthy while also testing out some young guys to see what they can do. They traded their first round draft pick in 2018 to the Cleveland Browns for the right to draft Deshaun Watson so playing for the high pick isn’t really an option. I think Arizona is going to win this game, however it wouldn’t shock me to see Houston compete simply because of how inconsistent the Cardinals have been.

Projected Score: Cardinals 20 Texans 17

Los Angeles Rams (7-2) vs Minnesota Vikings (7-2)

If I were to tell you at the beginning of the year that the best matchup in Week 11 would be Jared Goff vs Case Keenum, you’d laugh in my face and revoke my rights to talk football, and rightfully so. But that just goes to show the job that head coaches Sean McVay and Mike Zimmer have done this season. Goff has taken a HUGE leap in year 2 of his NFL career and the Vikings have been overcoming some injuries to key players. This is going to be a really good game. I think I’m going to give the edge to the Vikings. This is more a gut feeling than anything because these two teams do match up really well with one another and there isn’t a big enough edge for either team where I’d feel totally confident in a decision based on numbers or the eye test.

Projected Score: Vikings 28 Rams 27

Washington Redskins (4-5) vs New Orleans Saints (7-2)

The Saints continue to be the hottest team in football, having won 7 in a row and last week may have been their most impressive performance of the season as they dropped 47 points on the Buffalo Bills through almost exclusively running the football. The Bills are no slouches defensively so it came as a shock to me to see the Saints score that many points on them, though if I had to pick one team that would do that, it would probably be New Orleans. I just would’ve guessed they’d be throwing the football some more, but six rushing touchdowns will get the job done every time. The defense has also been terrific and I think the Redskins will struggle to score points against them. I think the Saints win again and increase their win streak to 8.

Projected Score: Saints 35 Redskins 17

Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) vs New York Giants (1-8)


Ben McAdoo may get fired after this game.

Projected Score: Chiefs 42 Giants 0

Buffalo Bills (5-4) vs Los Angeles Chargers (3-6)

The Bills benched Tyrod Taylor after a lackluster performance against the Saints in favor of rookie fifth rounder Nathan Peterman. Peterman played okay in relief of Taylor late in the game, throwing the team’s only touchdown on the day for the first of his NFL career. The Chargers are a tough team to make your starting debut against, however. Defensively they’re quietly one of the top units in the NFL thanks in large part to the pass rush duo of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. I think the Chargers defense is going to frustrate this Bills offense and the Bolts will get the win.

Projected Score: Chargers 23 Bills 14

Cincinnati Bengals (3-6) vs Denver Broncos (3-6)

This is a game between two struggling offenses and some stellar defenses that are probably feeling pretty frustrated considering how much they have to do to accommodate their offenses. Andy Dalton and the duo of Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler have struggled this season and I wouldn’t be surprised if either coach goes to backup quarterbacks AJ McCarron or Paxton Lynch to try and get a spark. These are two teams with plenty of weapons on offense but the quarterback play has held them back. I’m going to go with the Bengals. I think they’ve shown me a little more this season than the Broncos have.


Geno Atkins has continued to dominate on the interior of the line (photo credit: Sports Illustrated)

Projected Score: Bengals 17 Broncos 10

New England Patriots (7-2) vs Oakland Raiders (4-5)

This game will be played in Mexico. It’s the Raiders’ second straight year playing with our neighbors to the south, where they beat the Houston Texans last season. The Patriots are on fire right now, winning five in a row, including a beatdown of the Broncos on Sunday night where special teams were the main deciding factor, as the Broncos muffed a punt, let up a kick return touchdown, and had a punt get blocked all in a matter of 20 minutes of game time. The Patriots likely won’t get that kind of help against this scrappy Raiders team but I still think they will prevail, I just think Oakland is too unbalanced an offense to pose too much of a threat.

Projected Score: Patriots 27 Raiders 17

Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) vs Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

This is a fun game on paper, however the Cowboys are missing some key members of their squad. Sure, Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension hurt, but my god, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team miss an offensive lineman as much as the Cowboys missed Tyron Smith last week against the Falcons. Chaz Green was absolutely manhandled by Adrian Clayborn so bad that Clayborn nearly set an NFL record for sacks in a game with 6 (the record is 7 by Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas). Clayborn isn’t exactly the late-great Derrick Thomas, he had 2 sacks going into that game and came out of it has one of the league’s leaders. Smith is expected to miss this game as well so the Cowboys are going to have to find some way to give Green help on the left side because you can bet Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is going to be bringing the house against him. I have the Eagles in this one.

Projected Score: Eagles 24 Cowboys 7

Atlanta Falcons (5-4) vs Seattle Seahawks (6-3)

The Falcons, as mentioned in the previous game, absolutely ransacked the Cowboys offense in their victory last week, spearheaded by Adrian Clayborn’s 6 sacks. They face an even weaker offensive line in Seattle, though it has admittedly played a lot better since acquiring Duane Brown from the Texans. However the Seahawks lost both star defensive backs Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor for the season and that’s going to hurt badly. Those are two of the biggest leaders of this defense and their presence will be sorely missed against a Falcons team that appears to be regaining its confidence. I have Atlanta in this one.


The Cowboys couldn’t stop Adrian Clayborn all afternoon last week. (photo credit:

Projected Score: Falcons 30 Seahawks 20

Teams on Bye: New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers

Those are my picks for this week. About five or six shots left at a perfect week, so fingers crossed I can nab one before the season gets out. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.

NFL Picks: Week 10

Last Week: 8-5                  Season Record: 58-43

I was killing it last week up until the 4:00 games, where I missed every single one, but my performance before that was good enough where it didn’t hurt me overall. 8-5 is roughly where I expected to be when I started doing this and after a few really strong weeks, I finally have a good record. However those good weeks came after losing the Thursday night game, and I finally broke my 3-week Thursday Night losing streak when the Seahawks beat the Cardinals. So let’s see if Thursday Nighters really do correlate with my performance, or if I’m just getting better at picking.

New Orleans Saints (6-2) vs Buffalo Bills (5-3)

Brees diving endzone

Drew Brees is quietly defying father time this season (photo credit: WWL)

Believe it or not, this is the only matchup this week between two teams with winning records, which comes as a surprise to me based on the perception of these teams at the beginning of the year. But the Saints have been one of the most well-rounded teams in football, as defensively they’re 10th best in points per game allowed and 15th in total yards allowed in addition to their typical offensive prowess. Buffalo has also been impressive defensively, as they rank 6th best in points and 23rd in yards. The reason for Buffalo’s high ranking in points but low ranking in yards is because the Bills have been a turnover machine defensively, as they’re second in the NFL in interceptions and first in forced fumbles. This could potentially be a low-scoring game but I think the Saints will prevail, as I trust in Drew Brees’ ability to put up points on a tough defense more than I do Tyrod Taylor’s.

Projected Score: Saints 27 Bills 17

Green Bay Packers (4-4) vs Chicago Bears (3-5)

The Packers have struggled mightily with Brett Hundley under center, as they’ve lost 3 in a row since losing Aaron Rodgers (I’m counting the Vikings game that Rodgers went down in because he was injured pretty early in that game). In that stretch they’ve only been decent defensively so despite the fact that they’re going up against a very one dimensional offense in Chicago, I’m not so sure they’ll be able to leave Soldier Field with a W. The Bears have won two in a row with Mitchell Trubisky under center despite the fact that he’s hardly thrown any passes. Defensively during this stretch the Bears defense has been sensational and I think they will fluster Hundley to no end and allow the Bears to win, even if Trubisky hardly throws.

Projected Score: Bears 17 Packers 10

Cleveland Browns (0-8) vs Detroit Lions (4-4)

I’ve got a strange feeling about this one. The Browns are coming off a much-needed bye week and they face a Lions team that has been pretty inconsistent overall. The Browns are likely going with Deshone Kizer at quarterback and they’ve been terrible offensively and the Lions defense has been pretty good. But the Browns looked pretty solid for three quarters against the Vikings in London so maybe the bye will have them on the right track. I’m going to go with the Lions because I think Matthew Stafford will be too difficult for Cleveland to stop, but I do have a funny feeling that this may be the week for the Browns.

Projected Score: Lions 27 Browns 20

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) vs Indianapolis Colts (3-6)

The Steelers, like the Browns, are also coming off a bye and had been trending in the right direction leading up to it, winning three in a row. In fact, those three consecutive wins have come following Ben Roethlisberger’s 5 interception game against the Jaguars. They face a Colts defense that struggles to get takeaways and after cutting Vontae Davis, the Colts have nobody they can trust to cover Antonio Brown. I think Brown has a field day in this game and the Steelers win easily.

Projected Score: Steelers 42 Colts 14

Los Angeles Chargers (3-5) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3)


Joey Bosa has shown that his 2016 Rookie of the Year campaign was no fluke (photo credit: Sports Illustrated)

The Chargers are also coming off their bye week after being competitive with the Patriots for four quarters. The defense has been really good this season, as they haven’t allowed more than 26 points in any game this season, which includes a shutout of Denver. The Jaguars were able to beat the Bengals despite suspending Leonard Fournette for the game for violating team rules (allegedly, he missed a team photo, which seems like a silly reason to suspend someone an entire game for. A fine probably would’ve gotten the point across) and will likely have him back this week. I feel like on paper the Jaguars should win this game, but based on the good-bad-good-bad performances they’ve given, this is scheduled to be a bad week, so I’m going to go with LAC.

Projected Score: Chargers 20 Jaguars 14

New York Jets (4-5) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6)

The Jets are coming off an impressive Thursday Night victory over the Bills and Josh McCown has quietly been really good this season, especially considering his best receivers are Jermaine Kearse and Robby Anderson. The defense has also been pretty good and they face a Buccaneers team that will be without Jameis Winston and possibly Mike Evans. Winston injured his shoulder in Tampa’s blowout loss to the Saints last week and Evans is appealing a one-game suspension for a cheap shot on Marshon Lattimore (probably will play this week due to appeal rules). Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the start for the Bucs but I don’t think he’ll make much of a difference. I have the Jets.

Projected Score: Jets 27 Buccaneers 14

Cincinnati Bengals (3-5) vs Tennessee Titans (5-3)

The Bengals offense got shut down by Jacksonville last week and couldn’t beat the Jaguars despite not having to face Leonard Fournette. It also didn’t help that they lost AJ Green in the second quarter for putting Jalen Ramsey in a chokehold. Neither player got suspended for the exchange, which surprises me given Mike Evans did get suspended for his shot on Lattimore. Hell, Green threw punches! But regardless, they face a Titans team that has been really inconsistent this season yet still somehow find themselves on pace for a 10-win season. This is a tough game to project because I just have no idea what to expect out of either team. I’m going to give the edge to Tennessee because I don’t trust Cincinnati’s ability to score points.

Projected Score: Titans 28 Bengals 17

Minnesota Vikings (6-2) vs Washington Redskins (4-4)

The Vikings defense has carried this team this season but don’t discredit the play of Case Keenum. He’s been pretty effective as Sam Bradford deals with an injury. Mike Zimmer will have an interesting decision on whether to bring in Teddy Bridgewater when he’s fully healthy, but thanks to Keenum’s play, he’s able to wait until the former first rounder is 100%. They face a Redskins team coming off an exciting victory in Seattle. The defense looked really good and I think this has the potential to be another low-scoring game. I’m going to give the edge to the Vikings, as they’ve been more efficient this season.

Projected Score: Vikings 23 Redskins 16

Houston Texans (3-5) vs Los Angeles Rams (6-2)


Todd Gurley has been a major factor in the Rams offensive rebirth (photo credit: The Ringer)

Losing Deshaun Watson for the season has very visibly hurt this Texans team, as they were only able to muster 14 points against a poor Colts defense under Tom Savage. They go back to Savage again against a really tough Rams defense. It won’t be a fun day for Savage. The Rams are coming off an absolutely DOMINANT performance against the Giants, where they went into East Rutherford and won 51-17. They face another team that appears to be playing for next year and I think they get another win. Don’t look now, but the Rams may be 7-2 after this weekend.

Projected Score: Rams 34 Texans 10

Dallas Cowboys (5-3) vs Atlanta Falcons (4-4)

So it looks like Ezekiel Elliott is finally going to serve that suspension after being denied an injunction (or an appeal, or objection, I don’t know legal talk. You’d think I would’ve learned after following Tom Brady’s case so closely). I do anticipate a drop off in the team’s rushing performance, as Elliott is a hard guy to replace, but I also think they will be okay. Alfred Morris is a capable back and he’ll be running behind the best offensive line in football. Where Dallas will be hurt is in big play ability because Morris lacks Zeke’s explosiveness. The Falcons have been a disappointment at this stage in the season but if they were to pull off a big win, I think this would be where they’d have to do it. The Cowboys will be without Zeke and Dez Bryant isn’t totally healthy. I think the Cowboys offense will struggle some and I think Atlanta takes it at home.

Projected Score: Falcons 31 Cowboys 24

New York Giants (1-7) vs San Francisco 49ers (0-9)

It’s hard to get embarrassed on your home field as badly as the Giants were embarrassed by the Rams last week. This team appears to have quit on head coach Ben McAdoo and I don’t anticipate things going any better as they face the winless 49ers. The 49ers have played hard all year and haven’t had things go their way and I think this is the week they are finally rewarded for their efforts. The Giants seem like they’re phoning it in and I think Kyle Shanahan will have his guys ready to pounce. But this will also be my third time picking the 49ers this season and they’ve let me down each time. Third time’s the charge I guess?

Projected Score: 49ers 27 Giants 10

New England Patriots (6-2) vs Denver Broncos (3-5)


The Patriots defense has improved significantly throughout the season and a lot of it is thanks to the improvement of Kyle Van Noy (photo credit: Pats Pulpit)

The last team you want to face coming off a bye is the New England Patriots and the Broncos themselves are coming off a blowout loss to the Eagles. Bill Belichick and his guys have had two weeks to prepare for this Broncos team and while they do have a good defense (ignoring the fact they let up 51 points to the Eagles), they have a ton of issues on the offensive side of the ball. I think Brock Osweiler will struggle to move the ball against the Patriots. I don’t anticipate this being a close game.

Projected Score: Patriots 35 Broncos 10

Miami Dolphins (4-4) vs Carolina Panthers (6-3)

This has the potential to be a good game. The Dolphins defense has been impressive this season and Jay Cutler is coming off his best performance as a Dolphin in the loss to the Raiders last week. Carolina has been inconsistent offensively but dominant on defense, so I think this could be a tightly-contested ball game. Despite not having Kelvin Benjamin after shipping him off to Buffalo, they were still able to put up enough points to beat the Falcons (though some self-inflicted wounds by Atlanta certainly contributed). I do think Carolina comes out and wins though, I don’t think Miami is good enough offensively to overcome Carolina’s defense.

Projected Score: Panthers 21 Dolphins 17

Teams on Bye: Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders

Those are my picks for this week. Hopefully I don’t make a damn fool of myself. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.

NFL Picks Week 9

Last Week: 10-3                  Season Record: 50-38

Wow, back-to-back big weeks. Both have come after I lost the Thursday night game. Well, guess who lost the Thursday night game again? I had the Bills beating the Jets but New York was able to find some offense on Thursday and came away with the win. Last week my misses were Baltimore against Miami (which was probably my worst miss ever), Carolina vs Tampa Bay, and Pittsburgh vs Detroit. Hopefully I can keep up my trend of good weeks following a Thursday night loss. Let’s get to the picks.

Indianapolis Colts (2-6) vs Houston Texans (3-4)

The Texans have had the WORST luck with injuries this season. Every team deals with injuries, that’s nothing new. But it’s WHO has gotten injured that separates the Texans from the other snake-bitten teams. Early in the season they lost JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus for the year, two major cogs in their defense. Now they’ve lost rookie phenom quarterback Deshaun Watson for the season on a non-contact ACL tear during practice. Just devastating. Tom Savage is the quarterback again and he was a disaster in Week 1 against the Jaguars before getting benched for Watson. The Colts are nowhere near as good a defense as Jacksonville’s so I think it’s fair to expect Savage will be better. Indianapolis has yet to beat a team with a win this season (both wins are the 49ers and Browns) but I wouldn’t be shocked if they came out of this one. Losing Deshaun Watson will hinder the Texans offense greatly.

Projected Score: Colts 21 Texans 17

Cincinnati Bengals (3-4) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (4-3)

The Bengals nearly lost to the Colts at home last week so they’re not in the best shape right now. They continue to play well defensively but the offense has been maddeningly inconsistent. The Jaguars continued their trend of good-bad-good-bad performances but had a bye last week. So does that count as their bad week? I’m going to take a chance and say that it does. Leonard Fournette is back healthy and I think Jacksonville will beat this Bengals team.


Telvin Smith is the leader of one of the most exciting defenses in the NFL (photo credit: Pro Football Focus)

Projected Score: Jaguars 30 Bengals 21

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5) vs New Orleans Saints (5-2)

The Buccaneers look lost right now. This team had so much potential at the start of the season but things have just not gone their way. Last week they put up a poor showing against Carolina, only able to muster 3 points. They go into New Orleans against one of the hottest teams in football right now in the Saints, who are playing well in all facets of the game during their 5-game winning streak. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends in a bloodbath in New Orleans’ favor.

Projected Score: Saints 35 Buccaneers 14

Los Angeles Rams (5-2) vs New York Giants (1-6)

This game has the potential to be a trap game for the Rams. It’s a 1:00 game on the east coast, which historically does not bode well for west coast teams. The Rams have been a pleasant surprise this season and they come into New York to take on perhaps the most disappointing team in the NFL. The Giants are still dealing with injuries to major contributors and despite the time zone issues, I don’t envision the Rams losing this game.

Projected Score: Rams 27 Giants 13

Atlanta Falcons (4-3) vs Carolina Panthers (5-3)

This might be the game I’m most looking forward to this weekend. Both teams are inconsistent but have shown flashes of greatness at times. The winner may even take control of the NFC South depending on what happens in the Saints game. Atlanta has the high-flying offense, which has underachieved so far, while Carolina has the smashmouth defense, which has been great this season. In fact, in 4 of their 8 games this season, the Panthers defense did not allow a single touchdown. I like Carolina in this game, I think the Falcons will struggle to move the ball on them.


A big reason for the Panthers defensive success has been the return of Julius Peppers (photo credit: ESPN)

Projected Score: Panthers 24 Falcons 21

Denver Broncos (3-4) vs Philadelphia Eagles (7-1)

Head Coach Vance Joseph has seen enough and benched Trevor Siemian in favor of Brock Osweiler. It’s important to note that it’s not former first rounder Paxton Lynch because he’s dealing with a bum shoulder right now. But Broncos fans have to be nervous for this because Osweiler couldn’t even crack the Browns’ roster (and we’ve all seen how much of a mess that quarterback room is). Though to be fair to Osweiler, it likely had to do with salary. The Eagles, on the other hand, have the exact opposite of a quarterback problem as Carson Wentz has been a man among boys this season. He’s my midseason MVP and when you combine his play with a physical defense, it’s no surprise the Eagles are 7-1. I think they drive the Broncos into the ground in this one.

Projected Score: Eagles 38 Broncos 14

Baltimore Ravens (4-4) vs Tennessee Titans (4-3)

Joe Flacco suffered a concussion last Thursday on a dirty hit by Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso. It is fortunate for the Ravens, though, that it was on a Thursday night, as it gives Flacco an extra couple days of recovery. He’s currently listed as questionable for this game and if he’s able to go, I would give the edge to Baltimore. But if he’s not and the Ravens have to go with Ryan Mallett, then I think they will have some problems. The Titans have been underwhelming this season, especially on defense. This game really is a toss up because neither team has shown much consistency on offense, even with healthy quarterbacks. I’m giving the edge to Baltimore because their defense has been impressive this season.

Projected Score: Ravens 20 Titans 13

Arizona Cardinals (3-4) vs San Francisco 49ers (0-8)

It took overtime for the Cardinals to beat the 49ers earlier this season and I think we get another valiant effort from San Francisco this week. The 49ers gave a second round pick to the Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but they have said he won’t play in this game. In fact, Kyle Shanahan said he may not even play this season. CJ Beathard has been mediocre but the rookie third rounder has been better than I would have expected. If you were to tell me at the beginning of the season he’d win the starting job from Brian Hoyer (who is now on the Patriots) and gave me his current numbers, I’d be impressed. Arizona has been frustrating this season because you can see the talent they have but week-in and week-out they find ways to waste it. I’m going to make a bold pick here and say the 49ers finally get into the win column this week.

Projected Score: 49ers 21 Cardinals 19

Washington Redskins (3-4) vs Seattle Seahawks (5-2)

Russell Wilson was phenomenal last week against the Texans and he needed to be, because Deshaun Watson was just as good on the other side. The defense has to be a little nervous about their ability to stop the Washington offense but Wilson has to be feeling a little more confident, especially after the Seahawks finally went out and got a left tackle in Duane Brown. I should also note that in my trade deadline blog, I said that Seattle corner Jeremy Lane was a part of the trade. Well, he didn’t pass his physical with the Texans, so he will remain in Seattle and the Seahawks sent Houston an extra draft pick instead. They face a Redskins team that competed for three quarters in bad weather against the Cowboys last week but they faltered down the stretch. Now they come into Seattle to face a suddenly explosive offense. I like Seattle’s chances in this one.


Russell Wilson is coming off arguably his best game as a pro (photo credit: RotoViz)

Projected Score: Seahawks 38 Redskins 20

Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) vs Dallas Cowboys (4-3)

So Ezekiel Elliott is unsuspended again, and I’m not going to try and bore you with the logistics of the case because I have no idea how it works either, all I know is that he can play this week. Which is big news for the Cowboys because they will need him if they want to beat this Chiefs team. After starting out 5-0, Kansas City hit a rough patch losing back-to-back games before an impressive performance last time out against the Broncos. Alex Smith has still yet to throw an interception this season, which is a big reason why this offense is still so potent despite Kareem Hunt coming back down to Earth in the last few weeks. I think KC will win this game, but I think the Cowboys will keep it tight.

Projected Score: Chiefs 28 Cowboys 23

Oakland Raiders (3-5) vs Miami Dolphins (4-3)

The Raiders fell flat against Buffalo last week, which was kind of surprising to me after their performance against Kansas City the week prior. Yes I did predict Buffalo to win that game, but I expected the Raiders to put up a better fight. The Dolphins are another tough defense, despite letting up 40 points last time out, but that’s also got a lot to do with the fact their offense gave them NO help. I don’t see things improving for Miami offensively, especially after trading runningback Jay Ajayi. I’ve got the Raiders bouncing back this week.

Projected Score: Raiders 27 Dolphins 17

Detroit Lions (3-4) vs Green Bay Packers (4-3)

Out of all the injuries we’ve had in the NFL this season, I don’t know if any is more devastating than Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone. The offense has looked flat under Brett Hundley in the last game and a half and they face a Lions team that defensively has been impressive (aside from letting up a 93-yard touchdown to Juju Smith-Schuster last week). The offense has had its issues and I think Green Bay has a quietly good defense. I anticipate a low-scoring game but I trust Matthew Stafford more than I do Brett Hundley.

Projected Score: Lions 20 Packers 14

Teams on Bye: New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers, Chicago Bears

Those are my picks for this week as I look to keep the good times rolling. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.

NFL Picks Week 8

Last Week: 13-2                                  Season Record: 40-35

Wait what the Hell? That can’t be right, there’s no way I went 13-2 last week after all the picks I’ve missed. Turns out that is indeed the truth, the only games I missed were the Thursday night game between Oakland and Kansas City (which was a play away from being correct) and the Bears-Panthers game, but how was I supposed to know the Bears would revert to their Lovie Smith era form? So for this Thursday night game…I missed a little badly…I may or may not have picked the Dolphins to beat the Ravens…and they maybe lost 40-0…Not great. So before I embarrass myself further, let’s get to the picks.

Minnesota Vikings (5-2) vs Cleveland Browns (0-7)

Teddy Bridgewater is still working his way back but Case Keenum has been solid in relief of him and Sam Bradford. The run game has stepped it up since losing stud rookie Dalvin Cook and the defense has been as good as ever. They face a Browns team that is willing to try anything to get a win. They nearly did against Tennessee last week, losing 12-9 in overtime. But they couldn’t get out of their own way once again. Defensively the Browns are actually pretty solid, it’s just the quarterback play has been abysmal whether it’s Deshone Kizer, Kevin Hogan, or Cody Kessler. Kizer is going to start this game, lord knows who finishes it. Hue Jackson is pretty much throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks at this point. That’s not a good strategy against a very tough Vikings defense and I think Minnesota will come out of this London game with a handily won game.

Projected Score: Vikings 28 Browns 10

Oakland Raiders (3-4) vs Buffalo Bills (4-2)

The Raiders have been really inconsistent all season even when Derek Carr has been healthy but they have to be feeling really good about themselves after the wild finish to their Thursday night win over the Chiefs last week. They’ve had a few extra days to prepare for the Bills, who just traded stud defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to the Jaguars. Dareus had been having personal issues and I think the Bills had had enough with the former third overall pick. The loss might hurt, but the Bills have the depth to compensate. I think this will be a low scoring game, as Buffalo does well at stopping offenses but has trouble moving the ball themselves. But I think they beat the Raiders at home.

Projected Score: Bills 23 Raiders 17

Indianapolis Colts (2-5) vs Cincinnati Bengals (2-4)

The Colts were god-awful last week against the Jaguars, failing to score a single point in their 27-0 loss. Jacoby Brissett looked scared to throw against the aggressive Jaguars defense. Cincinnati might not be as assertive a defense as Jacksonville, but they’re another tough defense in their own right and I think Indy will once again struggle to score points. Cincinnati is starting to get the hang of things and while they are coming off a loss to the Steelers, they definitely have more life in them than they did at the start of the season, which went about as poorly a start as you can find. I’ve got the Bengals in this one.


AJ Green continues to be a bright spot for the Bengals despite the team’s struggles (photo credit: Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues)

Projected Score: Bengals 27 Colts 14

Los Angeles Chargers (3-4) vs New England Patriots (5-2)

The Chargers defense looked really impressive in their shutout victory over the Broncos last week. However the Broncos offensively are still in search of their identity, which is certainly not the case with the Patriots. New England is coming off their best all-around performance of the season in their 23-7 win over the Falcons in the fog, however they will be losing Dont’a Hightower for the season with a torn pectoral, which is a huge blow for a defense that was just beginning to figure things out. But the Chargers offense is still working out the kinks so I think the Patriots will be okay this week right before their bye. I have the Patriots in this one but I think the Chargers will compete.

Projected Score: Patriots 28 Chargers 20

Chicago Bears (3-4) vs New Orleans Saints (4-2)

The Bears have won 2 in a row even though Mitchell Trubisky has barely thrown any passes. They’re playing it extremely safe with him and it seems to be getting the job done, though most of that is thanks in large part to the fact that the defense has been really impressive since Trubisky took over for Mike Glennon. They scored both touchdowns for the Bears in their win over the Panthers (more specifically, Eddie Jackson scored both touchdowns) as they stifled Cam Newton and company all day. The Saints are a much more refined offense and they are really rolling right now, convincingly beating the Packers in Lambeau last week. The Bears will need to do more than hand the ball to Jordan Howard and get out of the way if they hope to beat the Saints and with how the defense has been attacking this season, I think it’s a New Orleans victory.

Projected Score: Saints 30 Bears 13

Atlanta Falcons (3-3) vs New York Jets (3-4)

The Falcons are reeling right now. Three straight losses, all against AFC East opponents and they got dominated for 60 minutes in the fog against the Patriots last time out. They face an AFC East opponent for the fourth straight week and they really need to turn things around if they want to get back on track this season. The Jets have lost 2 straight close games to the Patriots and Dolphins and they look to regain some of that early magic against the Falcons. The defense has been sharp and Josh McCown has been playing his best football since he came in relief of Jay Cutler with the Bears a few years ago. I think the Falcons get back on track, though, they are just too good a team to lose 4 in a row.

Projected Score: Falcons 35 Jets 27

San Francisco 49ers (0-7) vs Philadelphia Eagles (6-1)

The 49ers are one of two winless teams remaining and unlike the Browns, these guys have been playing their asses off and losing heartbreakers. Last week they got demolished by the Cowboys but prior to that they had lost 5 straight games by 3 points or fewer. They go up against the Eagles, who have the best record in football thanks to the wizardry of Carson Wentz. If you watched the Monday Night Football game against Washington last week, you saw exactly what I’m talking about. The Redskins struggled to bring down the Eagles signal caller and everytime they came close, Wentz would find some way to escape. The 49ers are going to struggle to contain Wentz and the Eagles will expand on the best record in the NFL.


Fletcher Cox and the Eagles defense has quietly been one of the top units in the league (photo credit: Bleeding Green Nation)

Projected Score: Eagles 31 49ers 14

Carolina Panthers (4-3) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

The Panthers are winless since Cam Newton’s ill-chosen words about women and routes and last week the offense looked clueless against the Bears. These struggles couldn’t come at a worse time because the Saints are on a tear right now and seem to have wrestled away control of the division from Carolina. They face the cellar-dweller in Tampa Bay, who has been wildly inconsistent this season. Patrick Murray seems to be the answer they’ve been looking for at kicker but they still keep shooting themselves in the foot in other ways, like they did against the Bills. It’s basically a matchup of two teams who have no idea what they’re doing right now so this could either be a really fun or really terrible game. I’m going to give the edge to the Buccaneers because I feel like they’re due.

Projected Score: Buccaneers 21 Panthers 10

Houston Texans (3-3) vs Seattle Seahawks (4-2)

The Texans have their answer at quarterback in Deshaun Watson as he continues to get better and better every week. There is some controversy in the organization, however, and it all stems from owner Bob McNair’s comments about the protests, which were “You can’t let the inmates run the prisons.” That’s about as extreme of poor word choice as you’re going to see and superstar receiver DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice because he was so infuriated by the comments. The Texans have had group discussions over the matter and that can go one of two ways: either it’s a distraction or a team bonding thing. The Seahawks are a tough team to face right after controversy, but it didn’t seem to matter for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX and I think the Texans will be okay in this one. However this game is in Seattle, where the Seahawks just do not lose. I’m going with the Seahawks but I think the Texans will give a strong performance.

Projected Score: Seahawks 31 Texans 28

Dallas Cowboys (3-3) vs Washington Redskins (3-3)

Wait, this is the only other 4:00 game? Damn, bye weeks are a bitch. NFL redzone is going to be really dull for this slate. But we do have another solid matchup between the Cowboys and Redskins. The Cowboys are coming off a dominating victory over the 49ers while the Redskins are coming off a tough loss to the Eagles and are just riddled with injuries, including losing middle linebacker Mason Foster for the season. Ezekiel Elliott is still active and I think he will have another big game and the Cowboys will jump into second place in the NFC East.


Despite the uncertain future of his season, Ezekiel Elliott has been carving up opposing defenses (photo credit: Boston Globe)

Projected Score: Cowboys 24 Redskins 14

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) vs Detroit Lions (3-3)

The Steelers have been hot since Ben Roethlisberger threw five picks against the Jaguars, defeating the Chiefs and Bengals in that time. They face a Lions team that is coming off a bye and has been really up and down this season. At times, Detroit looks like the class of the NFC. At others, they look completely lost. Last time out they nearly overcame a 35-point deficit against the Saints but their comeback attempt fell short. The Steelers have been riding Le’Veon Bell and it’s been working great. Martavis Bryant has been a distraction, however, as his lack of targets have led him to not only request a trade from the Steelers, but he also went and bashed rookie teammate Juju Smith-Schuster, whose targets have increased the last few weeks. I think the Lions will come out on top this week as there are just too many question marks surrounding the Steelers this week.

Projected Score: Lions 31 Steelers 21

Denver Broncos (3-3) vs Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)

Both teams are reeling heading into the Monday Night game this week. The Broncos last two games have been a loss to the previously winless Giants and a shutout against the last-place team in the division in the Chargers. The Chiefs have lost two in a row to the Steelers and Raiders but are a much better team than the teams the Broncos have been losing to. Trevor Siemian has not gotten the job the last couple of weeks and now he faces a defense that can obliterate a struggling quarterback. I have the Chiefs getting off the snide in this one.

Projected Score: Chiefs 35 Broncos 14

Teams on Bye: Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans

Wait, that’s it? That’s all the games this week? Damn, light load. Makes for a quicker blog, which works out for me considering I have to do my World Series recap as well. Last week is going to be really tough to top, especially since I’ve lost the Thursday night game, but as long as my season record doesn’t dip below .500 again, I’ll be satisfied. Agree with my picks? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.

NFL Picks: Week 7

Last Week: 7-7                     Season Record: 27-33

I’m still struggling in the NFL picks department, but how was I supposed to know that the Giants would somehow show up against the Broncos without any wide receivers and win? Or that the Chiefs would pull a 2016 Vikings and start at 5-0 then hit a losing streak (I did finally miss the Thursday night pick this week, I picked KC but Oakland pulled out the win). Both losses at home, no less. So I really have no idea how this week is going to play out, but my hopes at a winning week aren’t off to a great start. Let’s get picking.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) vs Buffalo Bills (3-2)

The Buccaneers have been really inconsistent this season. They looked great to start the year but have been really sluggish the last couple of weeks until Ryan Fitzpatrick led a crazy comeback attempt in relief of an injured Jameis Winston against the Cardinals that fell just short. The Buccaneers have said that Winston WILL start this game against Buffalo, who is coming off their bye after beating Atlanta and losing to Cincinnati. The defense for the Bills has been very good but the offense hasn’t quite matched that production yet. Tampa’s defense has been really banged up, especially at the linebacker position, so this game is going to be close. I think I’m going to go with Buffalo, I think their defense will create turnovers that put their offense in good field position.

Projected Score: Bills 27 Buccaneers 20

Carolina Panthers (4-2) vs Chicago Bears (2-4)

The Panthers have had some really good wins this year but are coming off a Thursday night loss to the Eagles, who all of a sudden have the best record in football. Defensively, Carolina has been sharp and while Cam Newton has been inconsistent, he’s also had some games where he has absolutely torched defenses. They face the Bears who are coming off a huge overtime win over the Ravens, the first win in the young career of Mitchell Trubisky. However, they still appear to be playing Trubisky in a manner that doesn’t put him at risk, as they limited his pass attempts and ran the ball over 30 times with Jordan Howard. It worked last week and they face another tough defense in Carolina, however they will be without superstar linebacker Luke Kuechly due to another head injury. I still think the Panthers will win it, as I think the Bears are playing it a little too safely with Trubisky.


Cam Newton needs to be more consistent if the Panthers hope to win the NFC South (photo credit:

Projected Score: Panthers 21 Bears 7

Tennessee Titans (3-3) vs Cleveland Browns (0-6)

Tennessee looked really sluggish for most of the Monday Night game against the Colts but they REALLY turned it on in the second half, as Marcus Mariota, DeMarco Murray, and Derrick Henry led the Titans offense to 36 points in the win. The Browns have given the starting quarterback job back to Deshone Kizer after the disastrous performance by Kevin Hogan against the Texans. Hogan’s performance was so bad, in fact, that he got dropped all the way to third string for this game. Hopefully for Browns fans, Kizer had a fire lit under him when he got benched and he will come out and put on a big performance against an underachieving Titans defense. Myles Garrett has been a beast in the first 2 games of his NFL career with 3 sacks in his first 2 games with limited playing time. I think Tennessee wins, but I have a gut feeling that Cleveland will compete this time around.

Projected Score: Titans 28 Browns 24

New Orleans Saints (3-2) vs Green Bay Packers (4-2)

Aaron Rodgers was officially placed on IR after breaking his collarbone last week against the Vikings, effectively ending his season. It will be up to Brett Hundley now to try and lead Green Bay in a suddenly wide open NFC North. He had his struggles against the Vikings, but I also saw some good things, like his TD pass to Davante Adams, where he baited the defense to come up on him like he was going to run before softly tossing the ball to Adams as he crossed into the end zone. While the Saints nearly blew a 35 point lead to Detroit last week, they have to be feeling really good about where their offense is. 52 points on any team is a feat in its own right but to do it against a solid Lions defense while Drew Brees only throws for 186 yards is pretty crazy to think about. Green Bay’s defense has been solid this season but I still think the Saints score plenty of points, as they have looked pretty good these last few games. I got the Saints in this one.

Projected Score: Saints 35 Packers 20

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) vs Indianapolis Colts (2-4)

The Jaguars have gone win-loss-win-loss-win-loss to start the year and there’s no reason to think they won’t continue the trend this time out against the Colts. Jacksonville’s defense has been fun to watch this season and they face a Colts team that has struggled without Andrew Luck. As I’ve said in the past, Jacoby Brissett has kept the Colts from being an embarrassment but that’s about it. Defensively they’ve been bad and will have a really hard time stopping Leonard Fournette, who is absolutely on fire right now after back-to-back big games against the Steelers and Rams. I got the Jags this week.

UPDATE: Leonard Fournette not expected to play due to a bum ankle. I’m still picking Jags,

Projected Score: Jaguars 38 Colts 14

Arizona Cardinals (3-3) vs Los Angeles Rams (4-2)

The Cardinals damn-near choked away a 31-0 lead against a Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Buccaneers team and that’s got to have them nervous going against the Rams. Adrian Peterson played really well in his first game with the Cardinals, showing that he still has some gas left in the tank and that the Saints were just a bad fit for him. Larry Fitzgerald also had a big game but as a team they got complacent with the huge lead and almost lost it. They face a Rams team that quietly has the second highest scoring offense in football as they’ve gotten a huge breakout season from Jared Goff and an MVP-caliber season out of Todd Gurley. I think the Rams win this on the strength of their offense.


Todd Gurley has had a nice bounceback season with the Rams (photo credit: LA Times)

Projected Score: Rams 34 Cardinals 21

New York Jets (3-3) vs Miami Dolphins (3-2)

I’m not going to sit here and defend the non-touchdown for Austin Seferian-Jenkins against New England last week. I’ll let it be known that I’m a Pats fan, and even I think the Jets got screwed on that call. Sure he bobbled it as he was going out but he never lost the ball, it’s not like he didn’t complete the process of a catch or anything. But I digress, the Jets looked really bad in their first 2 games but in their most recent 4 they’ve been really scrappy, including a 3-game win streak and taking the Patriots to the brink last time out. They’re facing a Dolphins team that erased a 17-0 halftime deficit against the Falcons and came away from Atlanta with a victory. Atlanta really just needs to stop getting out to big leads. Both offenses have struggled this year while their defenses have been really impressive. This is going to be close but I think the Dolphins will win.

Projected Score: Dolphins 20 Jets 17

Baltimore Ravens (3-3) vs Minnesota Vikings (4-2)

The Ravens are coming off a loss to the Bears where their offense and defense struggled but it was their special teams that kept them in the game, scoring two TDs from their return units. The Vikings have to be feeling pretty good about themselves after beating Green Bay and knocking out Aaron Rodgers. Teddy Bridgewater is practicing again for the first time in over a year after it was at one point thought he would never play again. Sam Bradford is still banged up but Case Keenum has been serviceable for the Vikings. Despite losing Dalvin Cook to a torn ACL, the Vikings have gotten solid contributions out of the duo of Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray. I think the Vikings win this, I just trust them a little bit more than this Ravens team.

Projected Score: Vikings 27 Ravens 20

Dallas Cowboys (2-3) vs San Francisco 49ers (0-6)

The Cowboys are basically playing week to week as to whether or not they will be without Ezekiel Elliott, as he gets another restraining order on his suspension. Elliott has yet to miss a game this season but it hasn’t led to victories for the Cowboys, as they’ve already matched last season’s loss total. They face a 49ers team that just have to be frustrated beyond belief right now. That’s 5 straight losses of 3 or fewer points with their 26-24 loss to the Redskins last week. As I said last week, this isn’t a talented roster but they’re in every game. A lot of credit has to go to Kyle Shanahan but it has to be a matter of time before these guys either get discouraged, or get really pissed off with these losses and blow up on a team. I’m not confident that this will be the game, though and I’m leaning towards the Cowboys this week.

Projected Score: Cowboys 31 49ers 27

Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2)

The Bengals are coming off a bye after 2 straight wins over the Bills and Browns. While those aren’t the greatest teams in the world, the offense has shown a lot of improvement since they changed offensive coordinators. They face a Steelers team that was the first team all season to beat the Chiefs, as they fed Le’Veon Bell over and over again as he wore down the KC defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try more of the same against the Bengals, who have a tough defense like KC’s and have a knack for turnovers. This will be a tight game, but I’m going to go with the Steelers.


Le’Veon Bell has been the workhorse for the Steelers for the last few years (photo credit: Inside the Star)

Projected Score: Steelers 34 Bengals 30

Denver Broncos (3-2) vs Los Angeles Chargers (2-4)

The Broncos have to be kicking themselves for wasting a big opportunity against a hurting Giants team by laying down to the boys in blue. Trevor Siemian has been inconsistent with the Broncos and they’ve had a hard time finishing drives. Despite being above average in yards per game, they’re below average in points. The Chargers have to be on cloud 9 right now after back to back big wins against the Giants and Raiders. I did say that the Chargers didn’t have the look of a bad team and they’ve finally shown some life these last couple weeks. I think this game will come down to the final drive and I actually am going to go with the upset pick in the Chargers, just a gut feeling.

Projected Score: Chargers 24 Broncos 17

Seattle Seahawks (3-2) vs New York Giants (1-5)

The Seahawks are a talented team that hasn’t quite played up to that talent this season. Sure they have some games where they look downright dominant but they’ll also have these games where they just flop. They will need to be on their game against this Giants team, which has to be feeling good about itself after finally getting into the win column in prime time against the Broncos. The Giants defense played extremely well last week and they will need a repeat performance if they’re going to take down the Seahawks. I think the defense will play well, but not well enough to stop Seattle for four quarters.

Projected Score: Seahawks 27 Giants 13

Atlanta Falcons (3-2) vs New England Patriots (4-2)

The Falcons have back to back losses where they lost at home to AFC East opponents. That’s uncharacteristic of this Dan Quinn team that thrived at home last season. They blew a 17-0 halftime lead and now they face the team who they infamously blew a 28-3 third quarter lead in Super Bowl 51 against in the New England Patriots. The Patriots defense has been trash this season, however they do flash the occasional spark, such as their last two outings against the Jets and Buccaneers where they were more of a bend but don’t break type of defense. Atlanta’s offense is a lot more explosive than what they faced against the Bucs and Jets and I think this will be a shootout. I think Tom Brady is going to be the difference, though, as Matt Ryan has struggled the last couple games.

Projected Score: Patriots 45 Falcons 42

Washington Redskins (3-2) vs Philadelphia Eagles (5-1)

This Monday night game features two NFC East opponents that played each other in Week 1, which the Eagles won 30-17. Carson Wentz has been a stud this season and has arguably been league MVP as we approach the season’s halfway point. After the Chiefs lost on Thursday, the Eagles now own the best record in football. Washington is going to be without stud rookie defensive tackle Jonathan Allen for the remainder of the season, which is going to hurt but I think this Redskins defense is tough enough to survive without him. However I think Carson Wentz makes too many plays and the Eagles win.


The combination of Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz has been deadly this season (photo credit: Philadelphia Magazine)

Projected Score: Eagles 34 Redskins 24

Teams on Bye: Detroit Lions, Houston Texans

Those are my picks this week, I pray that I finally have a good week. The NFL has not been kind to me this season. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.