No Blog Today, Update on What I’m Up To

Yeah…after a very eventful NBA trade deadline, things have gotten pretty quiet on the sports news front. Sure there was that Ron Borges story about Tom Brady wanting a huge payday that turned out to just be him getting pranked by a WEEI listener pretending to be Brady’s agent, but there’s no way I’d be able to do a 1000 word article on a prank (which is the minimum I shoot for with my posts). Normally when news is this slow I tend to just skip a day of blogs, however I never want to do it twice in one week and I already skipped a day a couple days ago. So here’s just a few things I’m considering doing with the blog since I have nothing to write about that’s sports-related.

-For the month of March, I’m considering doing a 30 clubs in 30 days thing where I go day-by-day previewing each of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams during Spring Training. That’d be starting late February since the MLB season opens on March 29, the earliest MLB has opened that didn’t feature an international series. About a week of this will be during my Spring Break, where I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale, but I won’t be taking a break from the site. If need be, I’ll just write 7 blogs in one day then schedule them out over the course of my stay in Florida. Should any big news happen during this time, I’ll do another blog to give my thoughts.

-I’m still considering branching away from sports from time to time, as a lot of times there really just isn’t anything to talk about in the sporting world, much like today. I mean, Hell, I didn’t even have enough storylines to do a General Sports article. Don’t worry, I won’t be reporting on stupid tabloid shit like the Kardashians or anything like that. I’d probably end up just talking about things I might see in the news or on social media or something or my thoughts about controversial opinions on certain matters (like my fears over the Han Solo movie coming out in May). But again, this would be a rarity as it would only happen on days where sports aren’t active enough.

-I’m also considering trying my hand at satirical articles, though to be honest, I have a hard time putting humor to the page. I like to think I’m a funny person, but when I write, I feel like my sense of humor disappears. Maybe because a lot of my humor is profanity-laden and I’d like to keep this blog relatively professional, but the point is I’m not super confident in the success of that. So that’s on the backburner for now, we’ll see where things go with that.

-During the dog days of summer, it’s going to get tough to write every day when the only sport going on is baseball at a time when the games really don’t mean as much as they do at other times. In preparation for that, I’m open to suggestions about some segments I could do. For example, Top 10 lists on literally anything, doesn’t even have to be sports-related. It could be top 10 strongest outfield arms, crazy moments in baseball history, top 10 worst contracts, etc. Or a blog where I just get really drunk and try and type out my thoughts on certain issues happening in sports at that moment. Though that would probably be better for podcasting or video where I’ll have my actual voice and limited editing power to retract statements made. Speaking of segues…

-One thing that I’m really interested in trying out is podcasting, unfortunately I don’t have the means or funds to do so. Supporting my Patreon would certainly help, but I don’t like pushing things on people. Plus I’d need a co-host to have a back-and-forth with, another thing that I just simply don’t have. So if you want me to expand on the media outlets I hit, please support my Patreon, linked above.

That’s basically all I’ve got for you guys today. Instead of letting me know what you think of things, I’m actually going to ask that you guys use the comments section and my Facebook and Twitter @jimwyman10 to give me some suggestions about what you’d all like to see on the blog. Thanks for reading.

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