Sending a Video of Yourself Doing Cocaine to a Stripper Seems Like a Bad Idea

Miami Dolphins O-Line coach Chris Foerster resigned yesterday after a video surfaced of him…well…just watch the video. Warning for potentially graphic content/language:

The video was posted by a stripper named Kijuana Nige, for whom this video was intended. She posted the video online, claiming to be doing it in support of Colin Kaepernick (I don’t understand the logic, but people like to support their causes in their own ways). For those who didn’t click the video due to my warning of graphic nature, it’s of the former Dolphins’ O-Line coach doing three lines of cocaine before a team meeting, during which he professes his love for this woman. Foerster is married, for those who are wondering.

This got me thinking. Exactly how shitty can a marriage be when this married man is sending videos like this to a stripper? And did anybody else get a super depressing vibe from this video or was it just me? My guess as to how this came to be is that this guy went to some crazy event where there were strippers involved and he did cocaine with this woman (and probably made sweet love) and he was happier in these moments than he had ever been in years with his wife. He felt a spark and probably wanted to run away with her, leaving everything behind. Only problem is that she felt nothing of the sort for this poor bastard and wanted to use him to push an agenda. I’m not saying what Foerster did was right or justified, far from it. But I can’t help but feel a little bad for the guy, as much as I want to laugh about the absurdity of this situation.


But is sending a video like this really going to win a woman’s heart? I’m not an expert on the female population, but it seems like sending a video like this may not be the best power play to win over a woman. He was probably trying to recreate an experience they shared as kind of an “aww, he remembers!” sort of deal, but I don’t know too many ladies who would get all sentimental like that over a few bumps. But again, I don’t know jack about women. There could be plenty of women who wish a man would do this for them.

If I am missing something about women and they really do want confessions of love mixed with cocaine, let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter @jimwyman10.


3 thoughts on “Sending a Video of Yourself Doing Cocaine to a Stripper Seems Like a Bad Idea

  1. I was embarrassed for him like I was for Charlie Sheen. Watching someone’s life get destroyed in front of you is depressing.

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