Mike Pence Makes Peyton Manning’s Day About Himself

So yesterday there was a football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. It was a day where the Colts were honoring Peyton Manning, the second greatest quarterback of all time (the Colts really seem to enjoy celebrating being second best). The Colts erected a statue in Manning’s honor, retired his number, and inducted him into their Ring of Honor at halftime of the game, which featured a nice moment between Manning and former teammates Jeff Saturday and Reggie Wayne. Yet somehow, former Indiana governor and current Vice President of the United States Mike Pence seemed to make this day about him.

Pence left the game shortly after the national anthem because some players were kneeling during it. I’ll spare you my thoughts about kneeling for the anthem, as I already did a blog about it, which you can read here. I’ll let Twitter do the storytelling for me about the events that transpired.

I’m going to ignore the fact that Pence is protesting the protests against police brutality. In fact, let’s pretend that NFL players who take knees are just protesting having to eat vegetables when they visit their mom. It doesn’t really matter in this case. Regardless of what your beliefs are on the topic of NFL players taking a knee, you have to recognize that Mike Pence leaving an NFL game early after so many measures were taken to ensure that he was able to safely attend the game is a dick move.

First of all, Pence was coming to Indianapolis straight out of Las Vegas after the tragic events of last week and was going to fly to Los Angeles after the game was done (or after he left the game early). That’s tax payers’ money right there by the way. Then he attends a Colts game. Due to the significance of his position, security is beefed up at Lucas Oil Stadium to ensure that he is able to attend this game safely. It’s already enough of a hassle getting into an NFL stadium for a game. Add in the arrival of the Vice President and you’ve got yourself a marathon of patience just to get to a seat you shelled out a crap load of money for. Then Pence has the audacity to leave this game because of players kneeling in what was clearly a planned move.

So how much of the American people’s time and money did Pence waste with this selfish stunt? Too much.

Really? You couldn’t bother to take another selfie?

Oh, and the Colts beat the 49ers 26-23 in OT. It was quite the entertaining game, especially at the end. Too bad Pence didn’t get to see it.

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